It's not too late to make a difference!
"The bags for kids program is a visible reminder of people making a difference in a child's life."

- Ms. Bumala -  2nd grade teacher

Every dime raised for Bags for Kids goes directly to supplies for the program. No admin fees - no revenue share.

We hope you think this is a worth while cause. We do and so do hundreds of school children every year.

Any amount you can contribute will make a difference in the program -
$25     $50     $75     $100   or other

Think about it.
for Kids
You CAN 
make a difference for Martinez Kids.

Right now.
Today - through your  contribution.

We serve Martinez families  with children entering the second grade.  Over the years, they have come to rely on the Bags for Kids Program  for school supplies.

Bags for Kids has relied on the charity of people like you.

Bags For Kids
PO Box 2221
Martinez, Ca 94553