In 1979  the Martinez Lodge was in some financial need.  Masonic Lodges were, and still are, very limited in what they could do and how they could raise funds.  It was decided to form a ladies club that could sponsor events and raise funds for the much needed repairs of our building.

It was Judy Ard who came up with the name for the group, one of those ideas that comes to you at 3 AM. She sat up in bed and said, "I've got it, the Crafty Ladies!"  It was perfect.

Crafty Ladies became a vital part of the plan to restore the Temple. They elected Judy Ard, the Master's wife, as their first president, and the Sr. Warden's wife as vice-president. This tradition continues today. A set of bylaws was developed stating that all funds raised could only be used for the Temple Building Fund.

The result was an organization of extraordinary ladies that not only made a huge difference to the physical condition of the Lodge, but while doing so created a sense of family and intimacy that is the hallmark characteristic of this lodge.