1852 - The gold rush was in full swing. 
The ferries were taking men across the bay between Martinez and Benicia so that they could continue their journey to the gold fields. Chaos and lawlessness reigned over the entire northern California region. Men of integrity and honor were far and few between. In 1852, in the little town of Martinez these men gathered together to join an organization that would support and honor their integrity and spiritual commitments to each other and their community.

These men joined together to form the Martinez Masonic Lodge. They applied and were granted, from the recently created Grand Lodge of California, a dispensation, and later a charter, recognizing their commitment to that organization and it’s values. 
The initial meeting place was in a rented room of the Berryessa adobe (pictured above).Over the years it has grown and moved around town. In 1930 the current temple was constructed at a cost of $45,000. With the assistance of various lodge members the design and decorating of the building has progressed to it's current elegant place in the community (original architectural drawing pictured below).

In 1984 the City of Martinez agreed to change the then current street name of 'Thompson Street' to 'Masonic Street'. Eighteen years later the lodge celebrated its 150 years re-dedication ceremony with the Grand Master of Masons of California presiding.

Over the years many of the community's leaders have belonged to our lodge. Notable members include a Superintendent of Schools for CC County, a Senator, and various Mayors. Due to its proximity to the Courthouse we have seen more than our share of legal professionals and senior law enforcement officers. The courthouse was named after Wakefield Taylor, Past Master, and the law library was named after brother Bray.

Vision Statement

To meet the needs of members by providing quality experiences. To be the first choice of men of quality who will contribute to the strength of the organization and enhance its ability to achieve its vision. Freemasonry in California shall accomplish this by creating a growing, active, relevant organization of great appeal that is well known and respected for making a difference.
Our Temple has recently been renovated and upgraded. It has never looked better, thanks to the Brothers who have dedicated themselves to creating and maintaining this outstanding structure for the community and for the Masonic Fraternity.

We are looking forward to celebrating another 50 years of fraternal influence and community service. Will you be a part of that history?