Pay Your Membership Dues Online 
Martinez Lodge No. 41 members in good standing can pay their dues online using the convenience of PayPal. 

Pay your Annual Dues
2018 Annual Dues:
Current Dues to December 31, 2018   $150.00
Grand Lodge 2018 PerCapita                $48.00
                                Total for   2018   $198.00 ($204.24)

Pay your Annual Dues
2019 Annual Dues:
Current Dues to December 31, 2019   $150.00
Grand Lodge 2018 PerCapita                $48.75 (Proposed by Grand Lodge)
                                Total for   2019   $198.75 ($204.99)  (tentative)


2019 Lifetime Membership Purchase

Please Note
All pricing includes: 
2.9% + $0.30 service fee charged for processing each transaction.
Membership can still be paid via mail without a service fee.

If you are not in good standing, Call the lodge so we can help!

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