Pay Your Membership Dues Online 
Martinez Lodge No. 41 members in good standing can pay their dues online using the convenience of PayPal. 

Pay your Annual Dues
2020 Annual Dues:
Current Base Dues through December 31, 2020             $150.00
Grand Lodge 2020 Per Capita                                            $53.00 
                                               Total for   2020   $203.00 ($209.39) 

2019 Annual Dues:
Current Dues to December 31, 2019             $150.00
Grand Lodge 2018 PerCapita (rounded up)    $50.00 
                                          Total for   2019   $200.00 ($207.83) 
If you are past due, please make sure to pay delinquent years first for payments.
Please be aware by using this system you agree to our policy of applying any dues payments made will apply to past-due dues first. 

Please Note
All pricing includes: 
2.9% + $0.30 service fee charged for processing each transaction.
Membership can still be paid via mail without a service fee.

If you are not in good standing, Call the lodge so we can help!

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