Do you know someone who needs Sunshine?
The Martinez #41 Sunshine Committee is constituted to acknowledge important life events such as: weddings, births, anniversaries, illnesses, hospitalizations, rehabilitation, and deaths.

However the Sunshine Committee cannot acknowledge any event unless it is so informed

Firstly, If there is a major event - whether happy or sad, taking place in the life of a Brother Mason of Martinez #41 or within the Mason's’ family - please let our Sunshine Committee know! 

Secondly, one of the privileges of Masonic Membership is the right to a Masonic Funeral Service.  If this is desired for a Mason of Martinez #41, please contact the Master of the Lodge, the Lodge Secretary, or the Sunshine Committee chairman so that the information can be routed appropriately. 

 Sunshine Committee Chair 
Bill Bermudez, PM
CALL - 415-367-5244